Mandy Arioto

noun   |   \ ˈman-dē - air-ē-o-toe \

  1. Seeker and sometimes finder.
  2. An insatiable appetite for memorable moments.
  3. Smaller in real life.
  4. Mom to the A-Team, and official snack provider to the world.
  5. An introvert who pretends to be an extrovert.
  6. On a quest to have the most fun.

And here is the official hoity-toity version of my bio in case that sort of thing is your jam.

Mandy Arioto is the President and CEO of MOPS International, and is widely known for her unique takes on parenting, relationships, spiritual, and cultural issues. Through MOPS, which influences millions of moms through thousands of groups internationally, Mandy serves as the voice of one of the most influential parenting organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Mandy has been featured on,, and FOX. She regularly speaks to national and international audiences. She and her husband Joe, live in Denver, Colorado with their three awesome kids.