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Breathing Room For Moms

Do you ever feel like you don't enjoy anything because you're trying to do everything?

You're multitasking your way through motherhood filling your calendar, draining your bank account, and missing out on memories along the way. You're efficient but exhausted, weighed down by more than the toddler on your hip and the diaper bag slung over your shoulder.

With one surprisingly simple invitation, God offers a way to trade your overwhelming pace for one that will finally bring you peace. This 6-week study will show you how. With a little humor and a lot of empathy, Sandra Stanley and Mandy Arioto will help you avoid burnout and find some breathing room, even in the trenches of motherhood.


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Have More Fun

When was the last time you had some good and serious fun? If your to-do list has become the boss of you, if you're so exhausted and overwhelmed you can't remember - all of that is about to change. Have More Fun is your crash course to getting unstuck, laughing freely, and enjoying the ride.

MOPS International CEO, Mandy Arioto, is known to thousands worldwide as a lively storyteller, a force of hope, and an audacious risk-taker. She brings it all in this rollicking adventure of a book bent on helping you do more of what makes you come alive.

Have More Fun is for anyone who has forgotten that fun is an option. In a world where political dramas and cultural uncertainties churn through our news feed every day, Mandy is here to suggest that the answer to many of the most pressing questions is fun.

How do I get more done? Fun.

How do I parent in meaningful ways? Fun

How do I make friends? Fun.

How can I find my purpose? Fun.

How do I spice up my sex life? Fun.

How do I adapt when things don't go as planned? Fun.

How do I improve my marriage? Fun.

Not to mention that choosing fun can be a spiritual discipline - a place to experience the boundless love and joy of God in everyday, surprising ways. If you have ever waited until your to-do list is finished to have fun or you can't remember the last time you really laughed, it is possible you might be taking life, work, or parenting too seriously. Weaving together science, historical trends, hilarious stories, practical ideas and spiritual truth, Mandy uncovers fresh ways to take fun seriously instead.



Filled with raw stories of hope and heartache, Starry-Eyed is a book about reconciliation. It is an anthem for every woman who seeks to bring wholeness to the divided. Because the truth is, we are often too exhausted to make peace with all the fragmented, disjointed parts of our life – the light and the dark, the delight and the despair, the clean and messy and everything in between.

Author Mandy Arioto offers embers of truth that will thaw some weary places toward the holy. There is conversation about motherhood and how tender and beautiful and lonely it can be. There are stories about sex and relationships and courage and freedom. Because being a woman is all of it.

Starry-Eyed is the kind of book that you can read in an afternoon but you won’t because you aren’t ready for it to end. Arioto boldly challenges readers to start enjoying the light and getting comfortable with the darkness, and asks: Are you ready to feel alive again? To make peace with the things that haunt you? Or to have your eyes restored to see a God you know but haven’t encountered in years?

This is your moment to come back to life. To restore the famished parts of your body and soul and to regain your vision. If you are looking for a north star, Starry-Eyed is the book that will help guide you home.