Well, Hello There

Well, hello there.

It is Friday which means that I get to spend the next few days with no makeup and wearing purple sweat pants. (Super impressive, I know). If you are anything like me and are planning for a low-key weekend filled with lots of snuggling on the couch and a copious amount of video watching then let me let you in on a little gem of a video that is on Hello, Darling blog today.

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Milking the Cow is Holy

Sometimes life just seems so damn dichotomous doesn't it?  I compartmentalize my life into segments that matter and segments that don't. Like, taking cookies to the old couple across the street matters and doing the laundry doesn't. This kind of thinking leaves me scrambling to check the things off of my to-do list that don't matter so that I can get to the things that really do. However, my system is broken

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a toast

We toasted to trying today.
Because we can't always win all of the time.

And when we don't it helps to throw a celebration. A celebration for trying, for taking a risk, for writing a speech and performing it for the entire school, for running for vice president of the school. And when you don't win the election because you are in fourth grade and are up against some very persuasive eighth graders, it is totally fine. Because it is always better to take the risk and not fear the outcome.

Because if you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.
If you don't ask, the answer is always no.
If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

So here's to my 4th grader who wrote the funniest, most heart felt speech and ran for Vice President. 
May you always have the courage to go after what you want. And the wisdom to celebrate taking a risk.

the grinch and a doppelganger

Babies are everywhere. It is a season I suppose, a time when I am surrounded by friends with new little ones. Some are becoming parents for the first time and are gripped with fear and joy and are covered in spit up. Some are veterans, ushering new bodies into their families with ease. While we are content with three and not anticipating having a new baby in the family for the time being, it got me thinking about  my own inauguration into motherhood. The baby boy who made me a mommy is about to turn 10 this month.  10 years of motherhood and I am a doppelganger of myself. I look the same- just with a little more sun damage than I did 10 years ago but my soul is different. Having a child changes us.

Do you remember in the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas when the Grinch is alone on the mountain after plundering the Christmas of the Who's down below, and his heart swells to three times its normal size? It reminds me of Motherhood because that is what happens when you become a parent. You feel more deeply. You become capable of a raw, scary fullness of emotion that tenderizes any hard areas of your heart. It endangers you to vulnerability and you feel for other peoples suffering more than you used to.

It is if somehow this person who came from our wombs is a embodied symbol of the ways we open ourselves to  the world around us.

So blessings to my friends who are becoming more themselves by welcoming new life into their homes. May you find the swelling of your heart and the salty tears of joy to be the greatest gift of the day.