The women in my family are approachable. I am told we have picked up this trait from the generations before us who have bequeathed it to us. It is a trait where people feel uncommonly comfortable telling us whatever they are thinking. In my case, not only do they feel comfortable spilling their own secrets, they also feel free to tell me things about myself that may be rude or inappropriate in normal conversation. I secretly like it. It is so fascinating to get a glimpse into other peoples lives that I can usually enjoy whatever they may have put out there into the universe of words. Plus it always makes for a good story.

It typically happens in strange places like the toilet paper aisle at Costco or while I am running on the treadmill at the gym. It even happened a few months ago when I went to the doctors for my annual check up.

To be fair, the appointment did not get off to a great start due to the fact that we didn't see eye to eye on a few issues. She debated with me about my chosen method of birth control and then scolded me for refusing an immunization. Which means that by the time we had finished with these two conversations, I am sure she had had enough of my holistic health routine.

The breast exam came next and after palpating my left boob for a second she says, "Wow, I can feel all the way to your ribs! You really don't have much breast tissue do you?"

My shock at this statement of fact turned into me trying to defend my lack of boobage..." Well, I did nurse three kids" as if I for some reason needed to justify myself to this woman who may have gone to medical school but had apparently skipped the class on when not to say what you are thinking.

My Grandma Joan called them tishalillies. I have no idea why. It is probably a British thing because we have a lot of unusual sayings in our family that usually find their root there. My Mom always told us to call them Breasts because she felt like Boobs was inappropriate. But whatever you call them, isn't a doctor telling you that you have no breast tissue the ultimate confirmation that it is true? I mean, to me it is like a doctor telling a guy to turn his head and cough followed by, "Wow! Your testicles are really lacking mass!" 

So there it is. A day in life of a girl whose tishalillies made the doctor comment in disbelief.