Milking the Cow is Holy

So I have been thinking about work a lot lately. My work,  Joe's work, and the virtue of work in general.

Sometimes life just seems so damn dichotomous doesn't it?  I compartmentalize my life into segments that matter and segments that don't. Like, taking cookies to the old couple across the street matters and doing the laundry doesn't. This kind of thinking leaves me scrambling to check the things off of my to-do list that don't matter so that I can get to the things that really do. However, my system is broken.

What I am coming to learn, is that milking the cow is holy. It is an Celtic proverb that acknowledges that it it all matters. Everyday moments are profound. Making dinner is holy. Doing the dishes is holy. Reading my kids bedtime stories is just as holy as when I am preparing to speak to a crowd of thousands. If we do the simple tasks from a loving heart, then we will always be able to make something beautiful and important.

So, may you be present in what you do.
May you see that each small task is worthy of your best.
And, may each opportunity find you awake, approaching every effort with the promise that all is Holy.