unusual compliments

I am a fan of unusual compliments...The ones that really mean something because they are so specific or unusual that they resonate with your soul and leave you thinking. A neighbor and good friend gave me an unusual compliment the other day. As we sat outside watching as all of our kids were riding bikes in the street, one of her kids caught her eye. He was wearing a Spiderman outfit and a pirate patch over one of his eyes. "I can't believe he is wearing that out here," she said. "You know, I really used to care about what my kids looked like until I met you." I laughed because I totally understood what she meant. Although I am not sure that would be a compliment that most people would be eager to receive. You see, my kids are the dress up types. They like to play in homemade forts and over half of the toys we own are dress up clothes. My kids are pirates, princesses, soldiers, fairies, knights, treasure hunters, archaeologists, not to mention fairy pirates. Not only do they like to dress up at home they also like to come up with interesting outfits when we go to the store or to the playground and even to school sometimes. So, I go with it and hope that in some way they learn to believe that anything is possible and that they are valuable no matter what they are wearing. So, "Thank you", my friend for the compliment and hopefully my kids behave when they are teenagers because I have some amazing pictures to show their boyfriends and girlfriends of the outfits their mom let them leave the house in when they were little.