Have More Fun- Mandy Reading Chapter 1


Don't miss this one... Mandy reads the first chapter of her new book "Have More Fun". This episode is filled with stories that will move and inspire you to be remarkable, stop feeling stuck and start enjoying life!


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Pick up your copy of Have More Fun

Download the first chapter of the book on: Mandy's Website


Show Notes:

0:25 Introduction

0:57 Joe talking with Mandy

1:30 Backstory behind the scenes for the Theme reveal for MOPS

2:35 Why was Joe crying (aside from ninjas chopping onions)

3:52 What prompted Mandy to write this book

4:30 Challenging Mandy to "Have More Fun"

5:15 What kind of impact has the book had on Mandy in everyday life

4:59 PRACTICAL TIP about your wifi

6:40 Glow in the dark tennis

9:10 Chapter 1



Candace Cameron Bure- Being A Working Mom


In this episode, Mandy talks with Candace Cameron Bure about being a working mom, how the 7th book she wrote was the first book she dreamed of writing, the state of her dishwasher and her favorite moment ever on set.

Selected Links:

Candace’s Instagram

Candace Center Stage

MOMcon Registration


Music by:

Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:54 Introduction- Announcing MOMcon Sept 2019

2:51 Candace and Mandy

3:19 Recognizing that you are in the perfect spot in life

4:53 Reframing your mindset

5:13 A different transition (determining priorities)

5:30 How to decide what to say ‘yes’ to and what to say ‘no’ to

6:45 New Book “Candace Center Stage” a lifelong dream

7:47 Just be yourself

8:10 Don’t be afraid to fail

8:33 How has asking for what you wanted played a role in your career

9:09 Dishwasher talk

9:55 Don’t have to accept ‘no’ the first time

10:07 How do you cultivate friendships

11:18 The Instagram version of me

11:58 Favorite song you sing in the car

12:13 Strangest thing a fan has done

12:20 Best thing that’s happened this week

12:32 Favorite show to binge watch on T.V.

12:38 Favorite go-to snack

12:48 Who has better hair DJ Fuller or Uncle Jesse

12:58 Most embarrassing moment

13:50 Most memorable moment filming

14:25 How do you cultivate hospitality in your everyday life

15:26 Do you have any morning or evening rituals to cultivate your Spiritual Life

16:47 A special offer from Mandy

Love and Money- An Interview With Rafa Robert


In this episode Mandy talks with Rafa Robert about love, money and dragons.


Selected Links:

brightpeak financial

Love and Money Podcast

Text "moneybetter" to 31996 for free resources

Book: Happy Money


The Paper Bag Princess Book


Music by:

Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction- The Paper Bag Princess
4:50 Recognizing what matters in life
5:41 Introducing Rafa Robert
6:25 Amazon Prime and the 2 Day Cooling off period
6:52 What's the best tip for managing the small financial decisions
7:26 Fast brain vs. Slow brain
8:12 Living within your means matters most
8:25 How much should I spend on a house and car
9:30 Have a plan
10:50 What advice do you have for couple who have different spending styles
11:28 We are designed differently to help us out
12:06 We have different values and priorities
12:36 What to do to approach to topic of money in a relationship
13:25 The FUN fund
14:20 Joint account vs. separate accounts (what does the research say?)
15:44 50+ years of research says this...
16:17 Be one team (God's money and our money... not your money, my money)
17:20 What are you seeing with people with debt
18:35 What's one conversation about money that couples are not having
19:10 Understanding our spouse's "why" behind financial decisions
20:12 When the "How" feels different
21:07 How our beliefs about money as parents influence our kids
21:33 More is caught than taught
22:14 The relationship with money is much more practical
23:11 More may not make us happy
23:50 Training our kids on money
25:12 How to live off 20% of your income
25:30 Challenging the perspective of "The More I Give, The Less I Have"
25:47 How does generosity impact the financial health of families
26:30 Well Being
26:44 Can you say you feel like you have enough for your family and life
28:15 The correlation between generosity and health
28:45 Where do you start when a couple has different beliefs about money and giving
30:36 Take the small wins and focus on the positives
31:15 Same Page Small Steps vs. Doing it right With One Person On Board
32:01 What does living a remarkable life look like for you
34:35 What we remember from our childhood
35:10 What is the best advice you never got
37:13 What are you doing currently to have more fun
38:10 Being the embarrassing dad (a.k.a. being cringy)
38:55 When dads playing soccer pull hamstrings
39:50 The new scoreboard for dad soccer
40:20 Giving different advice on the sideline
41:02 What is next for you and "Love and Money"
43:15 Be and unbeatable team, and make space to live within our means so we can give and save and live.

What Girls Need From Their Moms- An Interview With Beth Bruno


In this episode Mandy talks with Beth Bruno about creating rites of passage, what girls need from their moms and how to raise strong confident kids.


Selected Links:

Beth’s Instagram

Beth’s new book

Beth’s Site



Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction- Going Bald at 32

2:00 Widowed and then divorces with a young daughter

2:18 Dreams and tinctures

3:16 Creating 40,000 jobs

4:10 How can I muster inner fortitude and passion

5:00 Beth Bruno introduced

5:25 How to get a free copy of Beth’s book from Mandy

5:48 Mandy and Beth

6:02 Where did the idea of rite of passage come from for you

7:00 Feeling like we were floundering

7:59 A Voice Becoming

8:15 What did you do over the course of the year for your daughter

8:41 What do Rites of Passages look like

9:15 Bodies, boys and besties

9:25 Go big!

10:15 God’s questions to Hagar

10:59 Where are you going

11:22 Legacy Events

12:02 A test… were you listening

12:28 A blessing

12:38 An epic journey

14:00 Hunting for strong women (biking the Netherlands)

14:30 How did your daughter feel about the journey

15:40 Why Beth’s daughter is going to run for President

16:00 Eyes cast to a bigger vision

16:30 We are raising women, not American women

16:45 The global sisterhood

17:02 Introducing our girls to story (fiction and non)

17:53 Introducing our girls to real women

19:30 Big story living vs. small story lives

20:03 That is a 7th grader’s day

21:12 Perspective matters

22:25 What does it look like to live a remarkable life

22:47 Big transitions

23:30 I know there’s a purpose, even though it may be fuzzy

25:02 What is the best advice you never got

26:09 What are you doing right now to cultivate more fun


What To Do When Your Your Business Is Booming But Your Marriage Is Falling Apart- An Interview With Lisa Leonard


In this episode Mandy talks with Lisa Leonard about building a successful company, what to do when your marriage is falling apart, and how to bravely change up the rules you have for yourself.


Selected Links:

Lisa’s Instagram

Lisa’s new book

Lisa’s company

Lisa’s favorite piece right now


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:15 Introduction- Emotional Labor

2:47 Does this sound familiar

3:30 Freed up to Have More Fun

4:15 Introducing Lisa Leonard

4:59 Lisa Leonard

5:10 The Red Cereal Bowl

6:10 When growing up means you stop wanting things

6:30 About Lisa’s company

6:50 How it all started

8:21 Blowing up the business

8:55 When business takes a toll on your soul

9:15 We have a problem

9:35 When you don’t want to wear your own jewelry

10:00 I couldn’t continue

10:58 What did you learn from leaving

11:57 If I could have anything I wanted and needed what would that be

12:50 How do you simplify dinner

13:48 What would you tell the person who is trying to do it all and is about to lose it at any moment

14:18 Make space for quiet (even if just 10 minutes)

15:15 The scary stuff that emerges

15:45 What did you do to recalibrate in your marriage

16:15 Working through the hard stuff

17:10 Avoiding conflict for so long… I was terrified

18:28 Raising kids with special needs

19:30 Adoring our kids exactly as they are

20:40 What message would you give to other moms raising kids with special needs

21:21 I feel like I’m asking for the moon and people are rising to help

22:28 Don’t underestimate the power your kids have

22:41 The Brave Love Manifesto

23:38 Taking the bigger half of cake (I also deserve good things)

24:08 Say what I really think even if my knees shake and my voice cracks

25:00 What does living a remarkable life look like to you

25:45 What is the best advice you never got

27:44 What are you doing right now to cultivate more fun

28:17 Taking a nap is fun

29:25 What’s your favorite piece in the Lisa Leonard Designs store right now

When To Advocate For Your Kids When You Disagree With The Doctors- An Interview With Amanda Cant


In this episode Mandy talks with Amanda Cant about what to say to someone who is grieving, how to become an advocate for your children and why telling your story helps others to own theirs.


Selected Links:

Amanda’s Facebook Page


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction- Raking leaves and the “not yet” season

2:53 A blessing for you… the in-between time

4:17 Introduction of Amanda Cant

5:00 Two heartbeats on the ultrasound

7:30 Fighting even in the womb

8:25 I need to get the doctor

9:20 When a heartbeat stops

10:02 Should I terminate this pregnancy

11:23 We need to fight for our daughter

12:15 The swing of emotions

13:02 Tears of exhaustion, sadness and defeat

14:28 It was like my body didn’t know what to do

14:54 I feel like I forgot something

16:23 Why is there so much shame in loss

17:58 I feel like I’m the only one

19:35 Creating a child is a complete miracle

19:56 How can we come alongside anyone going through a season of hurting

21:48 Be present

22:15 When friends disconnect during tough times

23:37 I applaud the people who say weird things

24:30 How to use your voice and trust your gut to fight for your child

26:30 I’m not going to stop yelling until someone gets in here

28:50 One of the scariest moments of my life

29:20 Igniting positive change through tough circumstances

30:59 When your child’s hospital room looks like a Grey’s Anatomy episode

32:01 What to do when you disagree with the doctors

33:24 When your doctor tells you that you are a bad mom

37:56 Challenging doctors to question things

38:20 Can we find the source of SIDS

38:50 What would you say to other parents who feel like shrinking back from the medical community

40:05 You have all the tools you need

41:28 What’s the best advice you never got

43:40 What are you doing right now to cultivate more fun

46:20 Thank you for tuning in

Hannah Brencher- Making Big Life Decisions


In this episode Mandy talks with Hannah Brencher about writing letters to strangers building things out of love instead of fear and how to make friends in a new city. 

Selected Links:

Hanna’s Website

Hannah’s Instagram

More Love Letters

Hannah’s latest book “Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World”


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction- Making big decisions by coin flips

2:15 The “happiness” result of 20,000 coin flips

3:02 The coin toss gives us clarity

3:40 How to make a decision based on a coin flip

3:55 Just say “Yes!”

4:05 Introduction of Hannah Brencher

5:00 Moving to New York City and overcoming depression

5:25 Writing letters to strangers

6:19 If you need a love letter, just ask. How it all got started

7:22 You are not the only one facing this

7:55 Did you write all the letters?

8:04 How long did it take you to write all the letters

8:45 What story stands out to you of all the letters you’ve written

10:02 The Big move

10:28 How to make friends in a new city

12:05 Happy hour instead of a speaker fee

12:45 Ikea bringing people together

13:10 The chase for the next best thing

14:01 Don’t miss what’s happening in this moment

14:41 How to be present during a busy day

15:02 Building things out of fear instead of love

16:21 I didn’t have to let fear drive the car to Atlanta

16:56 Dismantling flakiness

17:50 Showing up when you’d rather not

19:05 The Fight Song Journal

20:47 Being Where Your Feet Are and Experiencing Belonging

21:50 Belonging comes with honesty

22:48 Initiating versus waiting for others to initiate

23:40 Sometimes we have to be the invitation

24:00 Come Matter Here

25:10 Waiting on a text saying, “Come matter here”

26:03 Letting people know that they matter

26:15 A simple prayer… “God show up”

27:08 God doesn’t leave me

27:20 What does “show up” mean

27:57 What are you doing to have more fun in your life right now

29:49 What is the best advice you never got

30:49 Just because you can multi-task, doesn’t mean you should

31:15 Get the 1st Chapter of Mandy’s new book for FREE



“The moment the penny is up in the air, you suddenly know what you’re hoping” Piet Hein

If you need a love letter… just ask

Be where your feet are

It doesn’t matter what you fill it with… it usually doesn’t fill

When we spread ourselves too thin we are doing a disservice to people

Belonging is like the manual at IKEA

You have to be willing to put yourself out there

The things that are hard transform us the most

Sometimes you have to BE the invitation

Most of the prayers that we need to say are simple and they don’t need to be muddied up with a ton of beautiful, eloquent words.

I’m slowly learning as I get older that multi tasking, while it’s possible, isn’t actually something that’s most effective.

Jessica Honegger- Keeping The Long View In Spite Of Short-term Pain


In this episode Mandy talks with Jessica Honegger about how a pawn shop and adoption led her to start the most successful fair-trade jewelry company in the world. Also, why it’s important to value long-term efforts over short-term results.


Selected Links:

Jessica’s Website

Jessica’s Instagram

Noonday Collection

Jessica’s latest book



Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:12 Introduction- Rest, Work and Play

2:01 Women prioritizing work over rest and play

2:30 Why are men and boys the way they are

3:53 Introducing Jessica Honegger

4:33 Starting the largest fair trade jewelry company in the world

4:57 How to keep moving forward in spite of your fears

5:08 The misconception of courage

5:38 Is courage accessible to all of us?

6:30 The only way around our fears is through them

7:35 The “What if“ fears that come up

8:25 Vulnerability is being able to take a risk without being tied to the outcome

8:55 I’d rather die trying than not try at all

9:20 Why is it so tempting to “bubble wrap” our lives

10:15 I can do the best job I can as a mom and my kids can still end up in jail someday

10:45 The freedom of realizing I’m not in control

11:30 My very first trunk show… how it all started

12:20 Sometimes our desperation leads to our most courageous acts

13:00 When we are convinced that no one will show up

13:40 We really do want to show up for each other

14:26 Walking compassionately

14:45 Ambassador community of Noonday Collection

15:04 Courage is contagious

15:30 Confirming the bias we want

16:37 It’s a journey

16:57 The LIE of insta-success

17:40 You can’t google your life’s purpose

18:30 How all the “random crazy things” connect

19:30 Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational forces

20:24 What you are doing matters and has purpose

20:36 What tips do you have for women entrepreneurs

21:00 Believe in what you are doing and it’s got to be connected to your purpose

21:39 You have to take the long view over the short term pain

22:44 There’s a waiting that is expectant… you’ve just to keep at it

23:48 Thoughts for someone who’s got big dreams but feels stuck

24:38 There’s just nothing that’s going to give you proof that there will be success… you just have to move

24:50 Test the market and have the conversations

25:25 What to do if you are interested in becoming a Noonday Ambassador

26:49 What’s the best advice you never got

27:12 What are you doing in your life right now to cultivate more fun



Fear can be in the car, but it can’t be in the driver’s seat

Sometimes our desperation leads to our most courageous acts

Courage is contagious

Insta-success is a LIE

There’s a waiting that is expectant

Popsicles are a viable meal for lunch

How To Be A Cozy Minimalist- An Interview with Myquillyn Smith


In this episode Mandy talk with Myquillyn Smith about creating a cozy home that works and partners with you and everyone in it, they also discuss naked feet and why Myquillyn hates seeing toes, and how to decorate a place you rent.

Selected Links:

Myquillyn’s Instagram

The Nester Website

Pre-order the Cozy Minimalist Home

Make sure to click “Watch Video” to see the amazing home and be sure to order the book soon to get some awesome pre-order bundles (only on Oct 23rd).


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:08 Introduction- How Green Eggs and Ham came about

2:22 We spend HOW??? much time looking for missing items

2:35 Myquellyn Smith intro

3:07 The new book

4:04 What does it look like to practice Cozy Minimalism

6:18 The shift of making a home look better to serving better

7:09 Why we don’t use our home the way we really want to

8:20 Buying more stuff isn’t the only solution

8:38 How to find the perfect sofa

10:36 Should I get a recliner sofa or a sofa with a name (like a Camelback, Birch Arm or Chesterfield)

12:30 If your rug is Oprah your drapes are Gail

14:23 Best tips on decorating a home you rent

15:29 What is the percentage of 2 out of 12 months?

16:27 Should I change the light fixtures on a rental home

17:53 We need to talk… why don’t you like feet?

18:40 No naked toes… they need to be censored

19:38 What is the best advice you never got

21:20 Myquillyn flips the script and asks Mandy what is her best advice she never got

22:01 What are you doing to cultivate more fun in life right now

24:18 A special guest closes the podcast today

Ben Higgins- How To Leave A Mark On This World While Pursuing What You Love


In this episode Mandy talks with Ben Higgins from Season 20 of the Bachelor about his favorite moment from behind the scenes, they also discuss airplane etiquette, why he wears a retainer every night, along with Ben’s favorite practice for decompressing after a crazy day and his new adventure leading Generous Coffee.


Selected Links:

Ben’s Instagram

Ben’s Podcast Almost Famous

Ben’s other podcast Lady Bosses (and Ben)

Generous Coffee

MOPS http://www.mops.org/


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:04 Introduction- An irresistible application to NYU

3:40 What makes this essay so unexpected is that it disrupted the system

4:08 Sometimes life requires disrupting the system

4:22 Ben Higgins introduction

5:00 Don’t miss Mandy and Ben’s Carpool Karaoke at www.mandyarioto.com

5:31 What was the most memorable moment on the Bachelor

6:45 What does pig poop have to do with getting sick

7:30 Seeing the human side of your future spouse

7:57 Wearing retainers every night

9:01 Tips for dealing with negative feedback

11:14 I don’t know if I’m doing all of this correctly

12:30 Generous Coffee- How’d it get started and how did you get involved

14:59 Humanity Hope United

17:00 If you drink coffee, why not make it life changing

17:57 Following Jesus is holy and deep, but also fun and takes us places we would never expect

18:15 What is Jesus showing you now

19:18 When God won’t allow us to leave Him

20:00 What to do when people take their shoes off in an airplane

22:30 How to enter and exit a plane properly

24:30 What to do when you don’t want to talk on a plane

25:44 Rapid Fire

25:45 Favorite thing that happened to you this past week

27:16 Last time you cried

28:50 Favorite Room in your house

32:45 Jesus, my pipe and bourbon

34:08 Did you get an offer to be on the Bachelor this next season?

35:22 What is the last thing you cooked

35:49 What’s one thing career wise that you haven’t had a chance to do yet

36:55 What is the best advice you never got

How to be a hero, even when you feel like a fraud- an interview with Justin Zoradi


In this episode Mandy talks with Justin Zoradi about doing work that matters, how to be a hero and what to do when you feel like a fraud.


Selected Links:

Justin’s website

Justin’s Instagram

Justin’s latest book

Giving Fuel

These Numbers Have Faces




Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

1:00 Introduction

4:34 Mandy and Justin interview

5:04 What made being ordinary so powerful (the story of Le Chambon)

7:30 What do all the heroes have in common

8:40 You don’t need to “be someone” to be important

9:24 Lord, I’ll go wherever you need me

10:30 How to accomplish amazing things

11:20 The moment of obligation to do something remarkable

13:23 When our life looks different from others

14:04 A park bench conversation with God

14:50 These numbers have faces- favorite story

18:09 Tips for people experiencing their moment of obligation

20:55 When the comparison game kicks in

21:10 They have their story and I have mine

22:10 When well meaning people make it worse for us

23:12 What to do when I feel like a fraud

24:30 The story of Andrew Garfield

26:45 If you don’t do it… you will die

27:50 It’s okay to leave work unfinished

30:15 You don’t have to do everything… some things are meant to be incomplete

31:24 Parenting by letting go

32:40 What is the best advice you never got

34:45 No-one is really paying attention, so fail hard and big

35:06 What are you doing right now to cultivate more fun





Body image and your kids- an interview with Hillary McBride

In this episode Mandy talks with Hillary McBride about what it means to be a powerful woman, the complexities of shame, and how our body image can impact our kids.


Selected Links:

Hillary’s website 

Hillary’s Instagram

Hillary’s latest book


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:55 Introduction

3:59 Hillary and Mandy

4:45 How do we learn to love our body in this present moment

7:00 How does body image impact our kids

9:43 Two strongest influences on kids for body image (besides parents)

10:24 Difference between mothers and daughters vs. mothers and sons

12:08 Dad’s influence on body image

12:55 What does it mean to be a powerful woman

14:15 What creates power

16:00 Different kinds of power

17:12 The dance between my identity as a woman and as a mom

20:00 Make room for all of your identities

21:15 Working with people who’ve had spiritual trauma

22:30 How to deal with trauma stemming from a faith system

24:58 How to help people who are going through abuse or trauma

25:30 Complex trauma

26:23 What is the best advice you never got

How to Live Your Passion- An Interview With Danielle Strickland


In this episode Mandy talks with Danielle Strickland about being curious, going faster when you have a dream and why surrender is essential to freedom.


Selected Links:

Danielle’s website

Danielle’s newest book “The Zombie Gospel: The Walking Dead and What It Means to be Human”

Danielle’s Instagram

Danielle’s other books


Brave Global

Amplify Peace

Women Speakers Collective




Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:58 Introduction

1:35 Lipstick is Warpaint

4:28 The 1967 Boston Marathon

7:03 Something to prove to the world

8:10 Introduction of Danielle Strickland

8:40 Our brains aren’t full

9:56 I feel like a snake- I keep growing out of my skin

10:44 The invitation to Nicodemus is the same to us

12:23 How curiosity enlarged my journey

13:30 From fear to engagement

14:50 Fear based ignorance

15:45 The Forrest Gump anointing

17:15 The problem with planning too far ahead

18:18 Go Faster… less thinking, more doing

19:00 Knowing about God and Knowing God aren’t the same

21:27 Freedom and Surrender are Soul Sisters

22:04 Freedom begins here…

23:08 The desire of our heart

24:40 Going to the desert is a good thing

25:37 Being forced to surrender

26:30 I couldn’t have done it from a place of strength

27:27 The Brave Initiative (fighting human trafficking)

28:40 Where were you when I was 11?

30:14 We have another idea for your life

31:08 Where do people go to plug in to Brave?

31:17 What is the best advice you never got

Connect With Your Kids- An Interview With Kirk Cameron


In this episode Mandy talks with Kirk Cameron about kids and cell phones, how his family sets healthy boundaries with technology and Kirk tells a ridiculously cute story about how he met his wife.


Selected Links:

Kirk’s website

Connect Movie

Kirk’s Instagram

Mandy's New Book- Have More Fun!


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:58 Introduction

3:05 3 Quick Ways To Start Boosting Your Self Control

4:21 Why you should freeze your credit card in your freezer

5:36 Mandy introduces Kirk Cameron

6:45 Why Kirk’s wife buys their kids gift on mother’s day

8:03 That time we bought all our kids cell phones for mother’s day

9:05 When things started to turn with technology

9:40 How we struggle to manage our kids tech usage

10:38 What are the biggest concerns around tech and kids

12:01 The 5 Lies That Tech Culture is Teaching Our Kids

13:45 What do kids really need

14:44 Tips for parents who see kids becoming discontent

15:15 The Real World vs. The Virtual World

16:42 Our kids are getting bombarded

16:58 Creating a healthy world for our kids to live in

17:36 Put your own phone down and be with your kids

18:20 Model by regulating ourselves

18:42 How breaking my phone worked out for me

19:42 No Phone Zones

20:20 How to get rid of the “impulse use” of tech

21:21 Maximize and emphasis the relationship with your child

21:41 The Danger of Not having a relationship with your child

22:15 Why “Connect” is so good

23:08 When I as a mom am a little extreme in my response to tech

23:50 Practical tips to help us with tech

25:25 Helpful tools are not a replacement for good parenting, but it can help

25:47 Start with zero privileges and increase as it’s earned

28:48 When a freedom becomes bad for a kid it’s time to step in

29:09 Where can I go to watch Connect

30:08 Should I watch the movie with my kids

31:25 Let’s talk about Growing Pains

31:52 Favorite moments from Growing Pains

32:30 The first time I kissed my wife on the show

34:03 The beauty of Anbesol

35:35 As parents we need to stick together because we are pioneer parents

36:58 Mandy’s new book… an announcement

How to tear up the rule book and create a life you love- an interview with Erin Loechner


In this episode Mandy talks with Erin Loechner about why getting up early is awesome, tips for having a healthy relationship with social media and how to change the rules when they aren’t working for you.


Selected Links:

Erin’s Website

Erin’s Book - Chasing Slow

Erin’s Instagram 



Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:57 Introduction

4:58 Interview with Erin Loechner

6:14 How to rip up the rule book and do something different

7:30 Life is short, short, short…

8:15 Even the smallest change is going to do something

9:15 Thinking about living is not the same as actually living

11:05 Being one click away

12:05 The real Erin… come on over, you never know what you’ll get

13:08 We live very different lives, but the same life

14:04 The Good List on Instagram

15:29 Am I giving off a false sense of reality

17:30 Valuing the unimportant

18:24 I am passionate about tearing up the rules

19:20 Why I go to bed at 6:00pm and wake up at 2:00am

20:15 How to get out of making dinner and doing the dishes

20:44 How I can do it all by tearing up the rulebook

21:04 Self imposed rules that can be broken

21:19 Tricks to waking up early

22:13 Creative Geniuses

23:15 Surrendering in motherhood and working

25:04 How does being a mom look so easy from the outside

25:40 The time I left the room and my baby stopped crying immediately

27:16 Trying to control it made it worse

27:40 Honoring life’s weight but holding it loosely

28:21 I’m working to take myself out of the center of the story

29:01 Is this bringing vitality to my life?

31:13 What is the best advice you never got

33:46 How are you cultivating more fun in your life right now

How to be a working mom- a new look with Shannon Miles


In this episode Mandy talks with Shannon Miles about multi-tasking, the time she met Richard Branson, and how to be a working mom in a new way. Listen in if you want to get back into the workforce, want to work for yourself or long for more flexibility in your job.


Selected Links:

Shannon’s Instagram

Shannon’s website

Shannon’s book


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:53 Introduction

3:08 That time you met Richard Branson

5:33 If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough

7:28 I feel exhausted and also feel like I’m not doing enough

8:19 Why is it so hard to ask for help as women

10:06 What is a Third Option

13:43 Tell us how you started your company and won the “The Best Company Culture” award from Entrepreneur Magazine

15:55 Pursuing full-time work from home

16:48 The challenges of being a working mom

17:36 Staying Present

18:44 Not overbooking (plan to be present)

19:22 Tell us about your book and how it looks different for different women

20:52 Just decide

21:10 Do something about it

22:07 What is success to you- You can have it all

23:46 Where can people get more info about Belay and 3rd Option

24:38 What is the best advice you never got

26:20 How do you cultivate more fun in your life



Rachel Hollis on how to have great sex and an intentional life (but mostly sex)


In this episode Mandy talks with Rachel Hollis about her tips for having great sex, why we need to stop breaking promises to ourselves and how to live a life we actually enjoy. Listen to this if you need some motivation or just a little advice on being the best version of you.


Selected Links:

Rachel’s Instagram

Rachel’s website

Rachel’s book: Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be



Music by:

Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

0:53 Introduction

3:30 Mandy and Rachel’s interview

3:49 When have you had to change things that weren’t working for you

4:35 Why do we forget that we can change things

5:58 What is your best advice for defeating the lies we tell ourselves

6:42 You are doing fine- there is no expiration date on who you are supposed to be

7:07 Why are we obsessed with TIME

7:50 I would have given up

8:15 Shaving your toes and the lie that I’m better than you

9:55 What happens when we judge others who do things differently

10:23 The lie that I’m bad at sex and how do we change that narrative

11:14 How does a preacher’s daughter learn about sex

12:25 Taking a hard look at what was going on in my sex life- why was I making it uncomfortable for both of us

13:15 What can I do to have fun in my sex life

13:40 The other side of discomfort

14:24 If sex was incredible, I’d want it as much as he does

15:12 If someone’s sex life sucks right now, what do they do

15:53 How to have an honest conversation about sex

16:51 Sex is mental for women

17:56 Keep adding to the arsenal of tools to have better sex

18:18 Sexy September- the more intimate we were, the more we wanted it

19:13 If you had an orgasm every time during sex, you’d want it all the time

20:15 Nothing would make your husband happier than this

21:10 Never breaking a promise to yourself

22:22 Why can I keep commitments to others but not to myself

23:30 We have to be careful about what we commit to do

24:41 Only say yes when you feel “Hell YES!”

25:18 There just aren’t enough resources to say yes to everything

25:50 Why I don’t volunteer at my kids school

27:27 Be clear on the things that matter to YOUR family

27:45 How to have dreams as a parent

28:50 You were a woman before you became a mom

29:43 Let go of the guilt. It’s not serving you or your babies

30:11 We teach our kids by our example

30:33 Figure out what makes you happy and do those things

31:44 How to avoid getting burned to the bottom of your barrel

32:10 Self care is what YOU believe to be of value

32:47 There is nothing in your calendar that you didn’t put there

33:08 What is the best advice you never go

34:08 Never judge your worth on someone else’s opinion

34:42 How to teach your kids that other’s opinion doesn’t matter

36:32 What are you doing right now in your life to cultivate more fun



JJ and Dave Heller- Life as an artist


In this episode Mandy talks with JJ and Dave Heller about how to balance work and being a mom, getting comfortable being different and how to work with a spouse. You will love JJ and Dave's lighthearted and fun nature as you listen in on a conversation about life on the road and what to do when things don't go as planned.

Selected Links:

Stories on JJ’s site

JJ's Instagram

JJ's YouTube Page

So You Think You Can Dance Video

What love really means

Upcoming Shows


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com

Special Note:

JJ will be releasing I Dream of You - Vol II later this year. Here is her kickstarter program that you won't want to miss. Click Here Album will release in November.

Show Notes:

0:53 Introduction

2:35 For Domestic Days (a liturgy for you)

4:13 JJ and Dave Heller introduction

4:53 Non-stick cookware

7:01 An unexpected response

7:53 How to give the best gift to your spouse

9:11 Making music together

9:40 How’d you guys meet

10:22 How do you pronounce djembe

11:20 So You Think You Can Dance

12:23 How a song literally saved a life

13:05 How does God want to use me

13:40 How Bob Goff redefined success for us

14:25 Who needs hope and peace

16:16 How have you found your place in music

16:48 Fitting in vs Belonging

17:55 Why our music isn’t on the radio

18:50 How to make sense of tragedy

19:50 I Dream of You- how it’s changed the world

21:48 What if we just take a break

22:40 When your music accidentally puts kids to sleep

24:08 When things don’t go as you planned

25:47 Boring music doesn’t play well in a concert

26:30 Why we donate music to foster families

26:55 When and how things shifted

27:40 I Dream of You- 2 (a new album)

29:45 How to deal with creative differences

31:00 JJ the Incredible Hulk song writer

32:00 How to deliver criticism

34:00 The funny thing about lullabies

35:57 Fact check for Mother Theresa

36:24 How sexy is it to be on the road

37:35 Dealing with loneliness on the road

39:15 3 Days of travel for less than 45 minutes on the stage

40:20 It’s a miracle that I get to do this

41:31 What’s the best advice you never got

42:50 A quote from Cool Runnings

Jennifer Fulwiler- How do you do it all as a mom

In this episode Mandy talks with Jennifer Fulwiler about doing it all, defining success, and how to pursue your passion while raising a family. Listen in if you feel guilty about working, or needing help, or if you feel like you are overanalyzing all your decisions and want more freedom to really live.

Selected Links:


Jennifer's new book


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com

Show Notes:

1:05 Introduction (some notes on Theodore Roosevelt)

5:59 Mandy and Jennifer Fulwiler

6:15 How to navigate it all

8:22 When the life you need is not the one you’d choose

9:50 Overfed and Undernourished

10:53 How was life as parents different for our grandparents (decision fatigue)

13:02 The benefit of getting up before your kids

15:30 Asking for help when you need it (find what works for this season for YOU)

17:00 How do you ask for what you want

18:58 If it feels like life’s hard, the problem is not you

20:30 Where the title “One Beautiful Dream” comes from

22:04 What matters at the end of our lives

23:03 Being open to unexpected opportunities

27:50 What is the best advice you never got

32:15 How do you cultivate more fun in your life


Harris III- Being Weird and Telling Good Stories

In this episode Mandy talks with Harris iii about why being weird is great, how to regain wonder and why telling good stories to our kids is life-changing. Listen to this episode if you feel like you don’t fit in, are tired or worn down, or want to learn how to stop worrying and start living.


Selected Links:





Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" soundcloud.com/philipemorris & pema.bandcamp.com


Show Notes:

:54 Introduction

3:29 Mandy and Harris

4:00 How to make peace with being weird

5:08 Have I gone mad?

6:13 In a sea of same, weird wins

7:12 How to deal with bullies

8:40 Why I call my kids names

10:21 Wonder is a light switch

12:22 How do we turn the wonder switch back on

14:03 How to keep wonder awake

15:20 Being Tricked

16:45 Who is writing the script for your life

17:30 How things are sold with deception

17:45 Which is it: deception, persuasion or leading

18:55 Finding congruency between the stage and real life

21:03 Being loved for who I am, not for what I do

22:30 At 15 I made more money in 1 year than both my parents made in 2 years.

23:15 Why do we care what bullies think

25:25 Meeting our creative work half way

26:43 A story without conflict is not an interesting story

27:30 The role story tellers play in the world- helping people re-imagine what could be

28:35 MLK was a master story teller

29:30 Story tellers have super powers

30:10 Everyone is a story teller

31:17 What is the best advice you never got

32:28 Being childish vs being child-like

33:12 We use our imagination as adults, often it shows up as worry

34:08 How do you cultivate more fun in your life

35:00 Food fight night