How to deal with criticism and get what you want- an interview with Amanda Inchaustegui

In this episode Mandy talks with Amanda Inchaustegui about dealing with criticism, how to be empowered in your everyday life, and the one thing healthy people do. Listen to this episode if you want tricks for living your best life, are desperate for more joy and are ready to get curious about what is holding you back.

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If you would like to experience the life improving affect of working with a coach Amanda is offering an introductory coaching vision session with one of the Novus Global coaches. Just send her an email at and she will connect you with one of their amazing coaches.

Amanda's site


Show Notes:

  :43 Introduction

1:42 Be occasionally remarkable

3:00 Do a few things well

3:28 Introducing Amanda

4:14 Where do we start to get what we want

4:44 Why complaints are important

7:40 What are you tolerating

11:15 Holding space for people to give an account

13:30 How to step into empowered space

14:30 Dealing with loss of pregnancy

18:31 Recognizing Rackets

18:40 Look good, feel good, be right and in control

20:50 How to deal with people who irritate you

22:25 How to self evaluate when you are running a racket

22:30 What are the behaviors and beliefs that reinforce our complaints

27:10 Taking on responsibility I shouldn’t

29:45 Committing to calm (how powerful are our brains)

32:21 What is the superhero trick we all have

33:01 How to deal with feedback

34:48 Perception is everything

35:40 Getting feedback from our kids

38:09 Coaching tips from a pro

39:30 Get curious about vision before “going there”

41:15 Being detached from the noticing

41:40 Dealing with hard feedback

45:06 What is the best advice you never got

Candace Cameron Bure- Kind Is the New Classy

On this episode Mandy talks with Candace Cameron Bure about her latest book, “Kind Is the New Classy”. Listen to this episode if you need some practical tips on handling your crazy life and dealing with close friends who differ from you.

Selected Links:

Candace's website

Kind Is the New Classy- The Power of Living Graciously


Music by: Phillip E Morris "Sunshine & Blue Skies" &


Show Notes:

:56 Mandy’s Introduction

3:43 Mandy and Candace

3:55 How Whoopi Goldberg helped on a hard day

5:45 Mamma Bear hugs have power

6:45 Going back to work with purpose

7:50 How do you maintain your energy with a crazy schedule

8:42 Practical advice for doing it all

10:00 Learning to say “no”

11:11 How to deal with friends who are different from you

13:18 Getting closure and being at peace

14:50 You can still be kind even though you don’t agree with people

15:30 What parenting lesson from Full House or Fuller House do you use in real life

16:10 What’s it like to kiss other men who aren’t your husband
18:20 How do you create fun in your life

19:30 How do you stay present in the moment while doing so much

21:03 What is most critical to making it all work as a mother

How to be Inspired, Live Intentionally and Breakup with Your T.V.

Francie and her husband decided to try an experiment. How would their home life change if they got rid of their T.V.? Francie shares the details of what a life minus Game of Thrones looks like. Listen to this if your home feels chaotic, you are tired of yelling at your kids and want to have more fun with them, you feel distracted all the time, or you feel like you have no margin to do the things you love.

Selected Links:

Francie's website


Show Notes:

1:03 Mandy’s Introduction

4:20 Are you breathing just a little

4:40 Introduction of Francie Winslow

5:20 Mandy and Francie start talking about getting rid of the TV

6:55 Earthquakes in D.C.

7:45 What to do about family members who "need" TV

8:58 What are the biggest differences you've seen from getting rid of the TV

10:35 Do your kids get along better without TV

11:30 Are movies bad for your kids

13:00 Was your husband on board for this?

13:55 What about phones and other tech in your house

15:45 What are the motives for my use of technology

16:45 Taking a week off from reading anything

17:20 How to respond to people who say kids need technology early to adapt to it

18:45 Why does Francie’s husband ask permission to use his phone

20:10 What’s the best advice you never got

21:25 Rhythms of rest

22:46 3 Practical tips for recalibrating tech in the house

How to be a peacemaker in times of division

Listen to this episode if you are in need of some creative ways to bring peace to the world around you. Mandy talks with Osheta Moore about having adventures, being a peace maker and raising world citizens. Osheta's infectious  laugh and practical tips will inspire you to be a peacemaker in your everyday life.

Selected Links:

"Shalom Sistas: Living Wholeheartedly in a Brokenhearted World"

"The Very Good Gospel' by Lisa Sharon Harper

The Meeting House Kids Curriculum

"When God Made You" by Matthew Paul Turner


Show Notes:

1:01 Introduction

4:03 Introducing Osheta Moore

7:53 Hold my purse, hold my earrings

9:35 Shalom sistas

12:45 Flourishing where I am

13:40 How to handle being called the “n” word at school

15:50 How to teach your kids to be compassionate in a world that is scary and aggressive

18:15 Amazing trick to tell better stories

19:38 How to call out the beauty in other people

21:15 Why does this only work in the car

21:55 Osheta has an a’ha moment

22:45 People are more important that theological and political positions

24:01 How to create shared experiences one-on-one

26:50 Encouraging others

27:50 Using peoples' names for good

28:20 How to raise world citizens

31:55 What is the best advise you never got

34:40 Resources for moms, ministry leaders, and kiddos

36:30 all about Shalom Sistas

37:25 Do you have any peacemaking failures

39:45 Crockpot and netflix


How to find and be a best friend

In this episode Mandy and her brother Charley talk with their mom Cindy, and Cindy’s best friend Jodi about how to find a best friend, be a good friend and develop framily. Listen to this if you are longing for deep friendship, want practical ideas on how to create meaningful moments, or want to hear personal and hilarious stories about life-long friendship. Just in case you were wondering, this is Mandy’s favorite episode ever.

Selected Links:

Charley's Instagram: A Dude's Life

Charley's CrossFit Gym: Fallbrook CrossFit


Music by: Philip E Morris - "Sunshine Blue Skies" &

Show Notes:

1:20 Introduction

5:30 True Friends

8:24 It takes a lot of work to be/have a friend

10:15 The constant in long-time friends

13:11 Framily- how do you have friendships that feel more like family than friends?

15:12 Social media and friendship

15:39 We get interrupted

18:45 Just make it so

20:30 Be sincere

21:40 The importance of respect in relationships

23:55 Staying connected to your siblings (Charley gives Mandy a hard time)

24:54 Assigned seating and roles

26:55 Who says lavatory anymore

28:20 Stories from when Cindy and Jodi first met (How it all started)

29:05 What do you do when your close friend is dying

32:30 Both are giving 80% and taking 20%

34:25 Best advice I never got- from Cindy

36:14 3 practical tips to have better/closer friends in your life

39:13 Give yourself permission to be a friend

42:08 Who is your best friend?

43:50 Don’t take it too seriously

45:30 Legacy of Love

45:40 What have we learned

48:40 Take people on a tour of your messy house

Krista Gilbert- How to have more fun at home

Listen to this if you want an excuse to practice hygge, are interested in how to have a home people want to be at, or want practical tips for communicating with your kids. In this episode Krista Gilbert shares her ideas on reclaiming home, traditions and childhood along with offering ideas on the neuroscience of soul care and the importance of knowing the two things that help kids thrive.

Selected Links:

Krista’s New Book- Reclaiming Home: The Family's Guide for Life, Love and Legacy

Krista’s website

Meaning in a Minute Facebook Page

World Happiness Report

JH Ranch

Camp Spalding


Show Notes:

1:20    Introduction

1:45    Annual World Happiness Report

3:46    The Practice of Hygge and Danish Culture

5:40    Introducing Krista Gilbert

6:45    Where did the book come from

9:25    Show me how to do this thing called family

11:39 Home is the safest place in the world

12:05 How to create the sense of home when you don’t know where to start

12:50  How to make people feel accepted

14:38  The art of being fully engaged

14:53  Communication- bridging the gap

16:06  It’s not the words, it’s how you say them

16:33  Why is knowing our family history so important?

18:55  The stability of belonging

19:30  The two most important things that help kids thrive

20:30  Homemade gifts

22:45  Letting go of perfection

23:20  Meaning in a minute- something is better than nothing

26:10  How do you create a sense of contentment?

28:00  Neuroscience and soul care

31:00  Finding my spaces to get out

33:24  What is the best advice you never got?

34:40  Is that your tattoo

35:00  3 practical tips for reclaiming home

42:15  The importance of self-evaluation

43:15 I forgot I’m the parent

*** Special note ***

The newest World Happiness Report was published on March 14, 2018. Here is the link- By the way, Denmark is still in the top three, beat out by Finland and Norway. The US dropped 4 spots to number 18. World Happiness Day is March 20th.

How to Feel More Powerful, Heal Trauma So We Don’t Pass It Along to our Kids and Why it is Ok to Be Rude.

Listen to this if you want to feel more powerful, are dealing with trauma from your past, or want to raise confident girls. In this episode Lori Lara shares about the #metoo movement, sexual assault and how women can take back their power. Through her first hand experiences of healing from sexual assault and preventing trafficking in her hometown, along with her work teaching young girls to use their intuition to avoid dangerous situations, Lori provides practical ideas and helpful tools for every women and every person who is raising girls.


Selected Links:

Lori's webpage: 

Get in touch with Lori -

Music- “You’re the Best” by Johan Lilja (


Recommended Books: 

Gift of Fear- by Gavin De Becker

Protect the Gift- Gavin De Becker

Abba’s Child- Brennan Manning

The Road Less Traveled- Scott Peck


Show Notes:

1:00 Disclaimer

1:15 Introduction

3:00 Lori Lara introduction

4:05 State of our culture, Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement

7:20 Getting triggered- Why is this bothering me 15 years later

11:15 Practical tips to not transfer past experience to our kids

13:15 Do you have an inner child

15:31 Firsthand experience with attempted sex trafficking abduction

21:25 Firsthand experience with sexual assault

25:40 You are worth protecting

33:15 What are predators looking for in young girls and how to teach your daughter what to say

35:05 When is it okay to be rude (grown men don’t need girls to watch their bikes)

37:05 Paying attention to the feeling inside you

38:33 Permission to be rude

39:05 Intuition, our God-given super power

42:15 The barking watchdog

42:40 Common denominator of families dealing well with this

44:28 What do you do when you make an unsafe choice

45:30 Sharing stories when we messed up

49:00 How do predators approach young girls

51:19 Where do girls get strength to be independent

52:00 What’s the best advice you never got

54:00 What are we teaching our daughters about listening to our intuition

54:55 It’s never too late to heal

55:46 Learning to ask for help

57:30 Make room for good- What could go right

59:40 From trauma to chicken nuggets, the messiness of having a breakdown with small kids




Let's hear it for the boys

Listen to this if you want to understand the men in your life better, if you are a parent and need some tips on how to encourage your sons, or want to understand the cultural climate and how it is impacting manhood on a systemic level.  In this episode, Mandy and her husband Joe, talk with David Thomas about what men wish they could tell women and he shares his best ideas on how to parent boys, deal with pornography and technology, and harness the power of masculinity in all the best ways.

Links and Show Notes:

David’s books:

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys

Are My Kids on Track?: The 12 Emotional, Social and Spiritual Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach

Intentional Parenting: Autopilot Is for Planes

Disney’s Circle Software

Raising Boys and Girls Blog

Technology Tuesday and other tech related blog posts

Sample Contracts for phone and devises:

From Josh Shipp

Device Contract from Common Sense Media

Media Contract from Common Sense Media


Always We Begin Again

Listen to this if you want to quiet the toxic voice in your head, feel like you need a fresh start, are desperate for rest , or are intrigued by the idea of making love to yourself (you read that right). In this episode, Mandy talks with Leeana about ideas for treating yourself like a beloved friend, the holiness of repetition, how to be a beginner, and Leeana shares practical ideas for how she practices self-care.


Links and Show Notes:

Leeana's Site

Begin Again Book

5 minute journal

Soul Care House-


How to Fix a Broken Record

Listen to this if you recognize that you have negative messages on repeat in your mind that are taking the fun and energy out of life, if you want to laugh about marriage and love languages, or if you ever feel like you are not enough. In this episode Mandy talks with Amena about the myth of cool, and they both share thoughts about how to stop playing it safe and have more fun.

Show Notes and Links:

Amena's site (

Amena's books: 

How to Fix a Broken Record: Thoughts on Vinyl Records, Awkward Relationships, and Learning to Be Myself

Breaking Old Rhythms: Answering the Call of a Creative God

Music by Phillip E. Morris- Blue Skies and Sunshine ( &




How to Invite People Around a Table

Listen to this if you want the easiest/ funniest dessert recipe that people will go crazy over, are lonely and longing for deep friendship, if you don’t invite people over because your house has Formica countertops, or want to get to know your neighbors but don’t want to be weird. In this episode Mandy talks to Sarah Harmeyer, founder of Neighbor’s Table about how she has hosted dinner parties in her backyard for over 3000 people and how she is sparking a movement of love simply by sharing meals around a table.

Show Notes and Links:

Music by: JJ Heller- At My Table

Neighbor's Table

Snack Pack Butterscotch Pudding

Table Tokens


How to Not Look at Your Phone Too Much

Listen to this if you sometimes think it would be better not to check your phone so much, are worried about how much time your kids are on screens, or want to be inspired to do deep and meaningful work. In this episode, Mandy talks with Andy Crouch about his unique view on being a tech-wise family. Andy’s refreshing and revolutionary views on how we can navigate technology, will inspire you and leave you feeling more empowered to fully experience life, glowing screens and all.

Show notes and links:

Music by: Jorm- Would You Forgive

Andy’s books: The Tech-wise Family- Everyday Steps For Putting Technology in Its Proper PlaceCulture Making- Recovering Our Creative CallingStrong and Weak- Embracing a Life of Love, Risk and True FlourishingPlaying God- Redeeming the Gift of Power

Remember these old cell phone ads?

Apps: Moment AppChecky App,

Book: Cal Newton- Deep Work- Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

LeCrae Song- Non-fiction

Sunrise Alarm Clock- pick any of them


How to Live a Life of Whimsy, Meaning and Legacy

Listen to this if you want some ideas for how to live a life full of meaning, if you want to raise kids who look back on their childhood with wonder, or if you need some inspiration to make a change. In this episode, Bob and Maria Goff share stories about their family and marriage, along with ideas for living a life of whimsy. This is absolutely a conversation that will make you want to be a better human who has more fun, and invites the people around you to as well.

Show notes and links:

Music by Phillip E. Morris- Blue Skies and Sunshine ( &

Maria’s book- Love Lives Here- Finding What You Need in a World Telling You What You Want

Bob’s book- Love Does- Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in and Ordinary World 

The Shared Experience of Absurdity- Ted Talk

Geodes for Teachers (best price I've found)

The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery 

Onsite Workshops- counseling in Nashville